Grape seed cushion (warming/cooling)


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Warming and cooling grape seed cushions for humans and animals.

Natural heat for tension, stomach ache (warm in the oven at approx. 80°C for approx. 10 minutes).

Cool Pack for sports injuries, insect bites or sunburn (keep handy in the freezer).

Organic cotton, grape seeds from Retz.

Suitable for hand washing.

Handmade in Austria.

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Tiere Ø ca. 9,5cm, hellblau Dots Ø ca. 9,5cm, hellblau Blume Ø ca. 10,5cm, gelb Dots ca 12×9,5cm, Tiere ca. 11x11cm, Pingiun ca. 10x10cm, Regenbogen ca. 10x10cm, Vögel ca. 6,5×13,5cm, REgenbogen ca. 6,5×13,5cm, Pingiune ca. 6,5×13,5cm

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